MEET Kohila

”How can math be taught in simple ways so every student can understand?

“How do I motivate and build confidence in all my students?"    

These are the questions which began my journey and which continue to motivate me every day.

I understand the struggles my students face because as a teen, I too struggled with math. Badly.

For this reason, my mission has always been to find the most effective way to teach math for rapid understanding and retention. It is possible.

For over 18 years I have been a private math coach to hundreds of struggling math students. Increased understanding and improvement in their grades is the immediate goal, but the end game is to create confident learners and critical thinkers who no longer need my help.

They have proven to me over and over again that this is always possible.

My students have always been my guides and I learn from them. I understand their challenges.  As a result, I have developed some unique coaching strategies and techniques, many outside the status quo.

My process of modifying and simplifying ‘complicated’ tasks and understanding the student mindset has been influenced by 12 years of working in public school classrooms at all grade levels, both as a Teachers Assistant and as a substitute teacher. I know the struggles and agendas of teachers and the impact they have on the students. Not all teachers are created equal and not all students have been given an equal opportunity.

My teaching methods have also been influenced by my work as a Behavioral Intervention Specialist where I help autistic, ADHD and other ‘Special Needs’ children learn in a different way.

I am very proud of my life’s mission: to empower ANY student to succeed at math and to help as many students and parents as possible.


"I am in grade 11. I used to hate math and now I really like math and it’s one of my favorite subjects. Now instead of saying ugh I have math class now, and I would just sit there and not know what to do, I can actually do the problems on my own without having to get someone else to do it and show me, and it’s because of the skills I learned from Kohila."

Alex Lord,
Maple Ridge, Canada

"Our daughter’s confidence has steadily improved since she began working with Kohila and she has a much deeper and stronger understanding of the subjects she’s coached in. This has had a positive impact on her grades, not only in the subjects she finds challenging but also in those she doesn’t, because it frees her up to spend more balanced time across all her classes. Kohila not only assists with coursework and in test preparation, but coaches her through stressful times and helps her feel that “she can do it!"

Jodi MacQuarrie,

"Your “there is no bad question” approach has made math a much more welcoming subject. for my two kids. They are actually always in a better mood after instruction with you because you improve and repair their confidence. Their grades are progressively improving or are otherwise consistent regardless of increasing difficulty in the course. They have developed the ability to better recognize the mistakes they have made in their solutions."

Nune Vardanyan,

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