MEET Kohila

”How can math be taught for rapid understanding and easy retention?

“How do I inspire learning to build confidence and motivation in each student?"    

These are the questions which began my journey and which continue to motivate me every day.

For the past 19 years I have worked one-on-one with over a thousand math students. My goal has always been to create confident learners and critical thinkers who no longer need help.

My students have been my guides. Because I once struggled with math, I understand their frustrations, and so I have developed some unique coaching strategies, many outside the status quo.

Twelve years of public school classrooms, and my work with Special Needs children have also informed my process.

My life’s mission is to transform each students relationship with math, create better students, and positively impact their lives.



To maximize our time together at our first meeting, and to determine if I am a fit for your student’s needs, please complete this short questionnaire.