"I am in grade 10 and I used to be really bad at math and I couldn’t understand it, and now I am really good at math. My math grades improved and I went from barely passing to nearly an A. I am getting a lot better at understanding the concepts. The most valuable thing I have learned from Kohila is how to stay calm during tests. I can go through a test a lot quicker now and do all the answers and instead of taking the whole class, I take like half the class now."

Ross Murphy-Clare,
Chilliwack, Canada

"When we first started with Kohila, my daughter was barely passing grade 9 math, now 2 years later she is entering pre-calculus 11. So not only have her grades gone up, her mindset has changed and her self confidence has improved, which has affected all other areas of her life for the positive."

Mel Lord,
Maple Ridge, Canada

"“I have improved the most in my ability to persevere through challenging work and to trust myself to be able to successfully think through complex problems. The most valuable thing I have learned working with Kohila is how to study efficiently. As a result, I feel prepared heading into a test whether it is for Chemistry, Biology, or Math."

Hanna MacQuarrie, Student,
Port Moody, Canada

"Kohila raised my confidence and grades with mathematics by building a clear learning curve. She organizes her practice and example questions to progressively introduce new methods and varied circumstances in which a problem must be solved."

Arman Vardanyan, Student,
Maple Ridge, Canada

"Our daughter started grade 7 in the lower level in math with a C-. Once Kohila started coaching her we noticed a significant change in her grades. Last year she got an A in grade 10 foundations and pre-calculus. We are so grateful to have such a great coach like Kohila who is so well educated and who knows how to teach students the way they learn. Very impressed!!!"

Sherri Queen, Parent,
Vancouver, Canada

"Kohila is highly knowledgeable and is very clear in explaining the concepts and provides effective tips for students on how to recognize different scenarios and how to come up with the appropriate solution. This has resulted in successful learning and helped build disciplined study habits. Both children were able to maintain an A in pre calc. Kohila is a good investment in education!"

Sandra Dresler, Parent

"The fact that you were able to assess each child’s learning and quickly understand what they were missing made them quickly understand the importance of mastering before progressing. I have seen a big change in them and both my children now feel confident that math is something they can do, and they have an excitement about the subject which includes plans for a career that will include math. My daughter’s text anxiety has improved significantly, and she has gained respect from others who thought she was un-teachable."

Emma Davfla, Parent

"Your “there is no bad question” approach has made math a much more welcoming subject. for my two kids. They are actually always in a better mood after instruction with you because you improve and repair their confidence. Their grades are progressively improving or are otherwise consistent regardless of increasing difficulty in the course. They have developed the ability to better recognize the mistakes they have made in their solutions."

Nune Vardanyan, Parent

"Our daughter’s confidence has steadily improved since she began working with Kohila and she has a much deeper and stronger understanding of the subjects she’s coached in. This has had a positive impact on her grades, not only in the subjects she finds challenging but also in those she doesn’t, because it frees her up to spend more balanced time across all her classes. Kohila not only assists with coursework and in test preparation, but coaches her through stressful times and helps her feel that “she can do it!"

Jodi MacQuarrie, Parent

"I had good grades the previous year but by the middle of the first term of grade11 I had roughly 60-65% percent. By the end of that term though, after working with Kohila my mark boosted to 75% percent and by the end of the year it was 95% and I kept that mark all the way until the end of grade 12. My greatest success is in the way I am able to learn math now. Kohila teaches in a way that is very different as she explains all the steps and taught me how to look at the entire picture and not just a single focal point or a single concept. I am super excited to move on with a math career, something I never even thought I would want to do."

Phaedra Otwey,
Toronto, Canada

"I am in grade 12 and since working with Kohila my confidence in math has greatly improved and it's becoming a lot easier now. At the beginning of the year I was almost failing and now I am almost at an A. Now when I look at a math problem I have the ability to sort of analyze and break down the question whereas before I would struggle and even overthink the problem."

Zach Burton,
Vancouver, Canada

"I am in grade 11. I used to hate math and now I really like math and it’s one of my favorite subjects. Now instead of saying ugh I have math class now, and I would just sit there and not know what to do, I can actually do the problems on my own without having to get someone else to do it and show me, and it’s because of the skills I learned from Kohila."

Alex Lord,
Maple Ridge, Canada

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