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You are not alone.

Are you having trouble balancing your home school curriculum?

Has math become a battle which is taking over the whole experience?

No matter which curriculum you follow, MathCodes Coaching will ensure success for you and your child.
You don't have to be overloaded and overwhelmed.

MathCodes Holistic Coaching is customized to your child’s ability and level of knowledge. Holistic Coaching offers your child the most effective techniques and individualized plans to help them find their hidden blocks and overcome their overwhelm and fear of math.

MathCodes offers INDIVIDUAL and GROUP Online Sessions.

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MathCodes Holistic Coaching offers a unique blend of personalized coaching and proven MathCodes formula.

Math is learned with greater understanding and speed.


A 20%-40% improvement in grades is normal.

The foundation of Holistic MathCodes Coaching is understanding the student as a whole person. There is no learning in the absence of relationship.

We don’t just jump into the numbers.

We take responsibility for your child's success. We eliminate your frustrations with math, so you can focus on other areas of Home Schooling and enjoy more quality time with your family.

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By building a relationship, a MathCodes Coach uncovers the obstacles faced by your child and guides them to overcome their challenges.  Holistic Coaching meets the student WHERE THEY ARE and brings them to WHERE THEY NEED TO BE.

The MathCodes formula makes learning math easy and enjoyable. 

Your child will be taught proven hacks and simplified explanations to complex concepts. They will quickly grasp concepts that were previously out of reach. They will say…

“Is that it? That’s all there is to it?”

Students develop an inner confidence they never knew  was missing.

Your child will learn the big picture of math and gain a holistic understanding of the system and the art of problem solving.

To discover more about how MathCodes Holistic Coaching will work for your child, watch the free Case Study.

You’ll learn how the MathCodes system can transform your child’s understanding.

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If your child is preparing for post secondary, the MathCodes proven formula and our Holistic Coaching process can be applied to help them perform to a level that exceeds expectations on all math entrance exams such as SAT, ACT etc.


We Maximize Exam Performance


We Minimize Fear and Stress


We equip Home School students with strategies, tactics and proven hacks for study and execution.  Sessions are customized to suit your child’s learning style and their needs.

No matter where your child is at or their current relationship with math, we can help. Your child CAN re-gain their confidence and motivation.   Our Coaching can help your child write any exam with confidence and readiness.


MathCodes proves that ANYONE can do math.


We give you peace of mind.


You'll know your child is reaching their full potential without any limitations.

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