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MARKUS  – Student

"A lot of the guidance that I take away from Kohila is going to serve me forever."


In grade 9 when I was 14, I had not so much interest in school but as I met with Kohila and had some coaching with her, I began to be more interested.  I saw how everything was really connected and she taught me strategies on how to teach yourself and how to see the big picture.

It's a contrast now between the times when I was not putting in all my effort, and not really not understanding the importance of it. After I started working in a different way I improved my grades a lot, and then it made me want to try even harder.

And one of the things that helped me was that as a coach, I saw she cared about my success. And that was really key, because she wanted me to do well, and was helping and I did not want to let her down by not trying my best. As a coach that was something that I really thought helped me. Her showing me that others cared about my abilities inspired me to pursue and do all the stem courses that were available to me.

Thanks to the strategies and insights that she shared with me, I can take the knowledge and apply it to all different aspects of school.  A lot of the guidance that I take away from Kohila is going to serve me forever.

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CATHY - Parent

When you started working with Noel he had a hard time managing his time. He’s had tutors for math for over 9 years, but in just the short time you were with him, you showed him how to become independent and he took those skills and applied them to his other subjects. He became a different type of student and did a lot better. There’s been a big change in him.

CARLY - Student

"You built me a certain confidence I didn't know I was missing."

Words can’t express how much I’ve changed over the year I spent working with you. I’m an entirely different person than the shy, scared person who met you last year at the start of grade 11.
You didn’t just teach me math, but you built me a certain confidence that I didn’t know I was missing from my life.
If there’s anything that I’ve learned from your teachings, it’s that giving up is not an option.
 I’m 100% sure that’s something that will stick with me for the rest of my life and that if I work hard enough at something, I can achieve anything. You helped me conquer my biggest fear and from now on I will definitely go through life with confidence, and for that I couldn’t thank you enough.
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“Our daughter’s motivation has steadily improved since she began working with Kohila. Kohila provides effective tips on different scenarios and solutions, coaches her through stressful times and helps her feel like she CAN do it!

NUNE V. - Parent

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ROSS - Student

The most valuable thing I have learned from Kohila is how to stay calm during tests and to know that I am capable of doing so much more than I thought. I learned how to deal with teachers much better, and that has helped me a lot.

ASHLEY – Student

"I got the marks I really needed thanks to you."

Before seeing you I just kind of had an attitude where I just gave up very easily and wouldn't even try to put in effort because it was just very frustrating to me. I was very mean to myself and I would always say
things like, “I don't know, I can't do it.”
I always took the easy out and dismissed my capabilities. I needed someone to help me and push me to find it within myself to get my pen writing and start working. You really helped me move past that point.
And that's how I got the marks I really needed thanks to you because I was able to stop having that mentality of 'I can't do it' and start turning that into, 'I can do it'. I do know. I do know things.”
Once you realize you are capable then you can start using that and it helps you perform well academically. You really do need to feel confident in this world to thrive and do well and to truly succeed. You need to know that you are capable, you are smart, and you can do it. All these things.
The most valuable thing I've learned from you is to not give up so easily and to keep trying and to stop beating myself up if I don't get what I really want. And you showed me how. It’s a matter of believing in yourself and putting in the work that gets you results.  That still helps me today.
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MEL - Parent

When we first started with Kohila, my daughter was barely passing grade 9 math. Not only have her grades gone up, her mindset has changed and her self-confidence has improved, which has affected all other areas of her life for the positive.

"Kohila, you've helped our son immensely. His grades are up, and he has a new determination. Thank you."

-Josephine - Parent
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