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When a student struggles with math, everyone looks at the exposed problems. 

We look below the 'tip of the iceberg'.

We discover the hidden obstacles lurking under the surface which are holding a student back and we remove them.
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All students have unique learning and thinking differences.

We look at each student as a 'whole' person and mentor learners to develop a holistic understanding of math and of themselves resulting in...

...fully confident independent life long-learners.

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"In my grade 11 year I was struggling and barely maintaining a C-.  I wanted to give up not only in math, but all my subjects. I thought I just couldn`t do it. After a few sessions with Kohila my confidence started to return, and my marks improved.  In my grade 12 year I maintained a high A average and it had me striving for even better marks, not only in Math, but every subject.   To top it all off I scored a perfect 100% on the final, something I would have thought impossible once before. I’m now registered in college for the fall taking business math and stats." 

Marcus - Grade 12 Senior
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"As a parent seeing your child struggle and basically give up on school is a tough thing to see and accept.  Motivation was down and there was absolutely no interest in doing any extra work.  I learned of Kohila through friends who highly recommended me to call her and give it a try with Marcus.  I can only say that it was the best thing I did for my son in high school. Once he discovered he could actually do math and get good marks it made him to want this in every subject.  His teachers could not help but comment on the drastic change they saw happening and the confidence that Marcus now had."

Tanjia - Mom

MathCodes Holistic Coaching proves to student's

"It's not their fault"

that they struggle.



"I am not a math person, it just does NOT make sense."

MathCodes Holistic Coaching starts with showing the learner the WHY before the HOW so they can do the WHAT on their own.


When learned in this order math WILL make sense. Anyone can be a math person!

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By the middle of the first term I had roughly 60-65% percent but by the end of that term after working with Kohila, my mark boosted to 75% percent and by the end of the year it was 95%.

Phadra - Grade 12 Senior
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"I used to hate math and now it’s one of my favorite subjects. Now, instead of just sitting there in class and not knowing what to do, I can actually do the problems on my own."

Alex - Grade 11 Junior
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"When we started, our daughter was getting a C- in lower level math. Last year she got an A in grade 10 foundations and pre-calculus."

Sherri Q. - Parent

Students struggle in math because..

  • they've been taught to memorize answers
  • they missed fundamental skills in earlier years
  • they don't understand why they are learning math
  • they don't understand the language of math
  • they believe they're not born with the talent to do math
  • they never learned the big picture of math

...they never had proper instruction


When I was 14, math was a total mystery to me.

I hated it. I was barely passing.

But from a young age, my life had been full of challenges. Instinctively, I knew that if I let circumstances defeat me I would never become the person I wanted to be.

If others could do math, why couldn’t I?

So just before my 15th birthday, I made a commitment to myself to figure it out..

I really struggled. I'd spend days with a single problem. But I am incredibly stubborn.  

I began to see that Math was all about patterns. I began to discover  ‘secret codes’ hidden in all math concepts.

These 'codes' are the core of the MathCodes System.

My grades slowly improved. And success made me hungry for more success. I began to hack theses 'codes'  and it soon became a game. Then I really started to excel. Solving problems became addictive. 

It was then that I realized I needed to share these simple Math Codes with other students who struggled. I knew the pain and fear they experienced. This was my motivation to become a teacher.

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I was first a tutor, and then a substitute teacher and I worked at all grade levels. But I quit the classroom when I realized that struggling math students needed coaching, not tutoring or teaching. Any athlete who performs well has a coach by their side, and that's exactly what students need.

They must learn to win the 'game'  on their own.

Over my 21 year career of working with students, I've developed a Holistic Coaching process.  I uncover a learner's hidden obstacles and use the MathCodes System so they can reach their full potential.  I've used this exact method to help thousands of students and parents. My greatest reward is when students no longer need me because they can succeed on their own.

They've learned the secrets to success.

That's what I want for all my students.


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I was really bad at math and couldn’t understand it and now I am really good at math and I really like it. I went from barely passing to nearly an A.

Ross - Grade 10 Sophomore
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My daughter was barely passing grade 9 math. Now her grades have gone up and her self-confidence has improved in all areas of her life.

Mel - Parent
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My confidence has really improved and math is a lot easier. At the beginning of the year I was almost failing and now I am almost at an A.

Zach - Grade 11 Junior

What a MATHCODES Holistic Coach DOES NOT DO ...

  • We NEVER coach math above our expertise
  • We DON'T jump straight into the numbers
  • We NEVER agree to unrealistic expectations
  • We NEVER work without a plan and a system
  • We DON'T use a 'one-size-fits-all' model
  • We NEVER make assumptions about a student's knowledge
  • We DON'T do homework
  • We DON'T create dependency

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