About MathCodes

As you probably know, for most students math is the subject they fear most.

It’s understandable.

Why is math taught in a difficult way?

It doesn't have to be that way.

Instead of struggling, what if your child suddenly started getting higher marks and could catch up fast?

Instead of giving up, what if they were motivated to achieve more, and you could see their confidence growing?

And what if, at the same time, they learned how to become a better overall student?

MathCodes 'wholistic' Coaching can make this happen in less than 90 days. We have transformed students of all levels. Rest assured; your child has the ability to do well.

Parents have a difficult job:

How do you find reliable help when you cannot define the problem?


hen your child struggles and you see their pain and frustration, it can hurt.

Let’s solve this challenge together.

If your child feels lost or frustrated at school or with remote learning, MathCodes 'wholistic' Coaching will empower them.

If you're homeschooling your child and need help within a unique curriculum, MathCodes 'wholistic' is the solution.

The MathCodes 'wholistic' Coaching method affects whole change in each student, not only in school performance but in all areas of a child’s life.

A Little More About Us


hen we work with children and families, we take direct responsibility for results and outcomes. Therefore, integrity and respect is everything.

This is the foundation of all our relationships with our students and parents, not only because it’s the right way but because it’s essential for results.

A MathCodes Certified Coach is carefully screened and trained in the MathCodes Method™. They're chosen not just for their 'wholistic' understanding of math, but for their big hearts and their commitment to their student’s success.

There are hierarchies of competence, and MathCodes ranks at the top.

MathCodes was co-founded by Kohila Sivas, who is a parent and a lifelong learner. She has been a classroom teacher at all levels and a Special Needs Instructor and is a Professional Math Interventionist, a Master NLP coach, and a #1 Best selling author.

Kohila struggled with math as a teenager but she turned it all around and math became her passion. Because of her own unique struggles, Kohila was motivated to become a math teacher, to make learning math easier, and to transform the lives of her students.

She developed the MathCodes Method™ working one on one with over 1600 struggling math students. Her Meta Learning De-Stress Method™ is scientifically tested and proven to help any student transform their grades and their mindset. Her students have always been her guides. And because she understands the fear and frustrations of her students, her 'wholistic' methods are grounded in science, empathy, and respect.

Today, Kohila trains and certifies 'Wholistic' Math Coaches and Learning Success Coaches in the MathCodes Mathod™.

Her mission is to transform ALL students who fear math into students who enjoy math and become fearless learners.

"Math is only hard if it’s not being taught correctly. Don’t blame yourself if you struggle. It’s Not Your Fault. Anyone can do math if they are taught the ‘right’ way.

- Kohila