Kohila Sivas is the developer and creator of MathCodes Method™. Based on her own results over 22 years working one on one with over 1600 struggling math students, she has proven that her process works.

An integral part of MathCodes is the Meta-Learning DeStress Method™ a process of reprogramming the brain that helps students work at their optimal level by reducing their fear and their negative thought patterns. Kohila wanted to illustrate and prove her methods scientifically, so she joined with renowned Ph.D. Dr. Jeffery Fannin has over twenty-five years of neuroscience experience in mapping and analyzing the brain.

Dr. Fannin has extensive experience with people who exhibit Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD), anxiety disorders, depression, and trauma. Dr. Fannin used his cutting-edge electroencephalogram EEG technology to accurately measure the brainwave energy of students applying Kohila’s coaching process and the Meta-Learning DeStress Method™.

Here is what Dr. Fannin found.

Red Lines = Faster Brain Waves (+5 Standard Deviations)

Blue Lines = Slower Brain Waves (-5 Standard Deviations)

Standard Deviation is a scale to judge how far away from normal is fomenting.

Coherence (Communication) And Amplitude (Energy)

For us to understand the complexity of the world and to make and execute decisions the different parts of the brain must share information.

This measure gives us an indication of how efficiently our brain is working to connect and disconnect different parts of itself to accomplish a particular task.

The brain maps below show brain mapping of students doing math 10 minutes without coaching and 10 minutes with coaching.

The Meta-Learning DeStress Method™ helps students work at their optimal level by reducing their fear and their negative thought patterns. The methodology empowers trained coaches to improve a student’s focus and to remain in a flow state while increasing a student’s working memory space.

The Meta Learning De-Stress Method engages students in a wholistic level and has been proven to form symmetrical brain wave patterns in both hemispheres.

This harmony permits greater access to mental and emotional resources which enable students to teach themselves new information and skills. These are the foundations of critical thinking and problem solving, and essential in the development of independent lifelong learners.

Want to read the full Brain Mapping report?

Email us for the full report by Dr. Fannin.

“The obvious conclusion out of all of this information is that with coaching, it's helping to focus how the energy and information is being used in the brain. There is more coherence with coaching than without coaching"


Q: What is the difference between red lines and blue lines?

A: Red means it as a hyper coherence. In other words, there's too much activity. Think of it as a water pipe. When you have too much water going through it's going to put a lot of pressure on what's happening to the pipe itself. The blue is a hypo coherence. In other words, there is not much activity that's going on there. That's why we see it in the prefrontal cortex because our prefrontal cortex isn't that fully developed until age 22-25.

Q: What is the significance of the red and blue lines?

A: Amount of energy or the amplitude. Excitation or suppression of brain rhythms. Amplitude Asymmetry is like the volume on a speaker, red volume is too high, and information may become distorted and unintelligible. Blue indicates the volume is too low and the energy and information may not be understood as it is passed from cell to cell.

Q: Does Meta-Learning DeStress Method™ work?

A: According to Dr. Fanin "Less anxiety, better performance." Meta-Learning DeStress Method™ creates the coherence and amplitude to change brain patterns which reduces anxiety and fear and enables students to focus and enter a flow state freeing up their working memory. This gives students the ability to focus on teaching themselves new information and skills. And that's why our students have such great results!

MathCodes Coaching Is NOT Tutoring, It's More Than Teaching, IT'S 'WHOLISTIC' COACHING!

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