Let us Coach YOUR child to BOOST his or her grade by 30-50% in LESS than 90 days.


When I first started with Kohila, I was really down on myself, and I didn’t know what to do. Now my confidence has really improved. At the beginning of the year I was almost failing and now I am almost at an A. I am really looking forward to next year.


I am in grade 11. I used to hate math, and I was really bad at it, and now I really like math and it’s one of my favorite subjects. Now instead of saying, “ugh I have this”, and just sitting there not knowing what to do, just waiting for someone to help, I do all the problems on my own.

Mel - Parent

When we first started, my daughter was barely passing grade 9 math. Not only have her grades gone up, her mindset has changed, and her self-confidence has improved which has affected all other areas of her life for the positive.

Sherri - Parent

When we started, our daughter was getting a C- in lower level math. Last year she got an A pre-calculus.

The Challenge:

Why is math a struggle for so many students?

After working one-on-one with over 1600 struggling math students here’s what I can tell you:


Many students have never had proper math instruction.

If your child struggles with math, it’s because the system failed them. Unfortunately, not all teachers are created equal and most are forced to teach to the middle following unrealistic curriculums. "Anyone Can Do Math given the 'right instruction' and the 'right environment."


Teachers cannot re-teach material from previous years.

The school system is not designed to assist students who fall behind. Teachers are responsible to deliver a curriculum, which is itself often flawed, and they have no time and sometimes no motivation to
re-teach concepts.

"Missing gaps widen with each passing year."


Many students blame themselves.

They'll call themselves ‘dumb’ or think it runs in the family. When a student loses confidence, they lose motivation. Continuous struggle and failure is a form of suffering which can impact their emotional well-being and behavior."They are not lazy, they just don't understand why they have to learn math."


Students are never taught ‘how’ to be a student or 'how' to learn.

Students don't know what it means to be a student, and how to become a successful one. Children create their own methods or use none at all. Bad habits are easily formed.

"The Meta Learning De-Stress Method helps unlearn and relearn for a 'wholistic' transformation."


Most parents have difficulty finding effective help.

Parents sometimes default to hiring a homework helper or are sold into group sessions when those are not the best solutions for their child. There is a difference between homework helpers, tutors, teachers, and a coach. A student who struggles needs a committed and skilled mentor who develops both mindset and performance using a proven method.

"MathCodes coaching is not tutoring, it's more than teaching, it's 'wholistic' coaching customized to your child's individual needs."


Most students 'believe' that math is difficult to learn.

A student's mindset is the key to their success. With expert guidance, any struggling student can transform their beliefs and turn a negative fixed mindset. An integral part of the MathCodes method is the process of reprogramming the brain that helps students work at their optimal level by reducing their fear and their negative thought patterns.

"Less anxiety, better performance." Meta Learning De-Stress Method™ creates the coherence and amplitude to change brain patterns which reduces anxiety and fear.


Online resources can be confusing.

For a struggling math student, the infinite number of free tutorial videos and help sites is overwhelming. The default for a confused mind is to try and memorize, but memorization is a crutch that can impede true understanding.


Labels can hold a student back.

Educators and parents regularly default to labels to explain the struggle of children and in doing so, discount the probability of success. MathCodes Coaching has succeeded with many diagnoses including autism, ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia.

MathCodes 'wholistic' coaching method is a proven and scientifically tested system that teaches math in a unique way to simplify learning for rapid results.

Why do our past students and their parents sing our praises so highly? Because MathCodes works.

Learning loss due to school closures is now REAL. Are you worried about your child being behind? Are you now seeing your child struggle like never before?

Are you new to homeschooling or online learning? Are you anxious about how to help your child and fear you might screw up their learning and their future?

The MathCodes Method™ provides customized learning regardless of location, curriculum, or where your child is in their math abilities.

When you’re ready to help transform your child so they can end their struggles and move forward with confidence, take the next step:

MathCodes is the Key to Bridging Your Child's Present and Future.

MathCodes Method™ is the culmination of 22 years of working one-on-one with over 1600 struggling math students of every age.

"When a student is equipped with MathCodes and inspired by their own interests, learning becomes more enjoyable and the possibilities are limitless." - Kohila