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The Pandemic's Impact on Learning: How to Help Your Child Succeed in the Aftermath

June 05, 20232 min read

Are you feeling the weight of the pandemic on your child's education and well-being?

The pandemic has had a significant impact on students' education and mental health, resulting in many kids struggling with learning loss that has put them 1-2 years behind their age. In addition, disruptions to
schooling and changes in routines have caused increased anxiety, stress, and uncertainty about the future.

To address these challenges, a multifaceted approach is necessary that includes academic support, social-emotional learning, and collaboration with everyone involved in your child's life. However, when it comes to addressing learning loss, it's important not to jump straight into fixing academic problems.

Traditional Tutoring May Not Be Enough  

Many parents tend to hire tutors when they notice their child is struggling academically. But, simply providing homework help may not be enough to motivate a child who is feeling lost and frustrated. Instead, they need personalized and meaningful support that addresses the root cause of the pandemic damage.

Traditional tutors may not be the best fit for addressing the root cause of your child's academic struggles. Children respond better to someone who can address their social-emotional challenges first, and that is the role a Learning Success Coaches will fulfill.

How Learning Success Coaches Can Help Your Child Thrive  

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Learning Success Coaches can create a supportive environment for your child to have open communication, encourage positive self-talk, and create a safe space to explore their feelings. They offer a 360-degree analysis as part of the coaching process, and start by addressing social-emotional needs before learning loss. They can provide individualized support to help your child catch up on missed learning and develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Prioritize Social-Emotional Learning, Collaboration, and Personalized Support for Lasting Results

A Learning Success Coach can facilitate a winning collaboration between parents. teachers and the student to identify specific needs and provide targeted interventions and support. This is critical to creating a support system that meets your child's current needs.

 It's important to prioritize social-emotional learning and mental well-being to ensure your child's long-term success. During the lockdown, your child's schedules and life were turned upside down, and now that they're returning to school, it's essential to reset and establish boundaries.

If you're not sure how to find the right help for your child, book a free Clarity Coaching Call. Our certified coaches have the training and experience to identify your child's specific needs and provide personalized and individualized learning support, utilizing a variety of instructional strategies such as project-based learning, differentiated instruction, and technology-enhanced instruction.

When you take a comprehensive holistic approach to support your child, which includes social-emotional learning, academic support, and collaboration with everyone involved in your their life, you can help your child overcome learning loss and thrive in learning and beyond.

Remember, there is hope, and let's work together to help your child succeed!

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Kohila Sivas

Kohila Sivas is a parent and a lifelong learner. She has been a classroom teacher at all levels and a Special Needs Instructor and is a Professional Math Interventionist, a Master NLP coach, and a #1 Best selling author.

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